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At its core, PRJX is a powerful ERC-20 compliant utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It leverages the latest technology to ensure secure, fast, and cost-effective transactions, providing you with an unparalleled experience in the world of digital assets.

Key Features and Benefits

The Next Generation Utility Token


PRJX Token

Our native utility token offers governance participation, staking rewards, and platform utility. By choosing PRJX, you gain access to a token that embraces innovation, liquidity, and user-centricity.


Fractional Ownership

Artists and NFT holders can sell their assets while retaining partial ownership. Members at all investmernt levels are welcome to join and monetize their assets.


Decentralized Governance

PRJX's decentralized governance empowers NFT holders to collectively decide, creating a fair and democratic environment, including determining the opportune time to sell NFT assets.


Automated Reward System

PRJX's automated reward system compensates active participants based on trading volume and token holdings, fostering engagement, and promoting liquidity within the thriving ecosystem.

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The Future is Fractional ā€” And It's Here

  • The model is proven, and market is ready.
Proven Success in Real-world Art Ownership

Fractional ownership in real-world art saw a 150% increase in annual trading volume in 2021, opening doors for 30% more individual investors.

Art Market Report 2022
Extending the Success: Why NFTs Are Next

NFTs hold unique digital value. When combined with fractional ownership, they create limitless opportunities for both creators and investors.

Fractional NFT Report 2023
Fractional Future: Bringing Inclusive Ownership to NFTs

Combine the proven success of fractional real-world art ownership with the limitless value of NFTs to make art investment accessible, transparent, and rewarding.

Fractional Future Report 2024
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